Bridgework, Dentures & Partials

Smiling young woman in jean jacketJust one missing tooth can make you want to hide behind a newspaper, avoid social situations, and only eat in the privacy of your home. If your smile is missing multiple teeth, you may also have trouble chewing and speaking clearly. Dr. Dowell offer modern bridgework and dentures that can return your full, beautiful, and functional smile.

Crown and bridgework refers to a system of one or more replacement teeth in a row, held in place by crowned teeth on either side. A custom, fixed bridge will give you the confidence you need to enjoy a meal anytime, anywhere, and with anyone! Reclaim your confidence and quality of life with bridgework by Dr. Dowell.

Full and partial dentures replace multiple teeth. A full denture replaces all teeth on the upper or lower jaw, while a partial fits between existing teeth to close gaps and create a solid smile. We can create traditional, removable dentures and partials, but he also offers implant-supported dentures. When you visit us, our doctors will help you determine which type of prosthetic will suit your lifestyle best.

Schedule your consultation today to experience dental excellence for a lifetime of smiles. Our Norman dental office serves University of Oklahoma patients, as well as those from Moore, Ada, Ardmore, New Castle, Noble, and surrounding areas.

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