Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Smiling woman in textured top outsideWhat keeps you from smiling?  How about the enjoyment of eating without food getting trapped, or those follow up headaches after eating, or just tasting your food?  Multiple cavities, missing teeth, or an over-closed bite may be causing you to miss out on some of life’s simple enjoyments.  At Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry of Norman we want to help provide for you a smile to be proud of.  A healthy mouth, free from discomfort, give you the joy of eating whatever you choose. To help you achieve your desired result, Norman dental providers Drs. Dowell offer an excellent full mouth rehabilitation program.

What is involved in a full-mouth rehabilitation?

First we conduct a consultation and gather thorough records.  Our consultation will consist of dialogue between you and our dental team to determine what YOUR greatest desire and goals are, in other words what do YOU want to achieve.  Records are then gathered in order to determine the treatment necessary, records including digital radiographs, as well as intraoral and extra-oral photos.  We take a detailed look at the patient’s mouth by examination and chart all pertinent information.

Next, we talk about the full mouth rehabilitation plan and the finances.  We begin treatment generally once a full mouth wax up is obtained from our dental lab.  We will place the patient in a prototype of how their final restoration will look and function.  For a week or so, the patient determines if they like the color, feel, and shape of the provisionals before the final restorations are completed.

Why choose aesthetic and restorative dentistry of Norman? Why are they your best option for full-mouth rehabilitation?

We spend quality time with you and make YOU the priority!  Everything is prepared with your comfort in mind, including warm blankets, memory foam neck pillows, noise cancelling headphones with your choice of music, as well as sedation dentistry being available for your comfort.   You are involved in the style, shape, and length of your teeth, so you can attain your dream smile! 

The expertise and advanced education of Drs. Dowell contribute to your peace of mind.  Training has been completed at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute of Dental Studies and Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ, along with additional advanced courses to learn and achieve new techniques.  They are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), American Dental Association (ADA) and the Oklahoma Dental Association (ODA), to name a few. Drs. Dowel is actively involved in dental study groups. All of this training and continued education is completed to benefit our patients and take our practice to the next level.

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