Aesthetic Non-Metallic Fillings

Young woman smiling outside in white topModern dentistry has brought us esthetic options in tooth repair materials. Our doctors prefer to place composite resin fillings instead of dark amalgam fillings, which contain trace amounts of mercury, a harmful, heavy metal. Tooth-colored fillings offer many benefits over amalgams, in addition to the safety factor. They look natural, won't change shape, cannot leak, and add strength from the way that they bond with natural tooth structure.

If you have metal fillings that you would like to have replaced, Dr. Dowell can remove them and fill your teeth with composite resin, custom shaded to blend with existing tooth structure. Leaky, misshapen, or damaged fillings should be replaced, regardless of the esthetic factor. At your checkup Dr. Dowell and our team will discuss your smile goals and inspect your existing dental work.

If you need or want composite resin fillings, we'll gladly answer all of your questions and set a convenient appointment that suits your schedule. Our Norman dental office serves University of Oklahoma patients, as well as those from Moore, Ada, Ardmore, New Castle, Noble, and surrounding areas.

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