Built to Last Porcelain Crowns

Smiling blonde woman in black topThe days of metal crowns in your smile zone are long gone. Drs. Dowell place porcelain crowns, an all-white alternative to metal that blends with existing dentition. If one of your front teeth becomes damaged (cracked, chipped, broken), Our doctors will probably recommend a porcelain crown or veneer to restore shape, function, and appearance.

Placement of a crown requires two visits to our office. At the first appointment Dr. Dowell will prepare your damaged tooth, take an impression, and fit you with a temporary to protect the tooth until your permanent crown arrives from the lab. Your second visit will involve removing the temporary, permanently attaching the new crown in place, and making adjustments to ensure a comfortable bite. For back teeth, we might recommend a porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-metal crown because of the intense biting pressure these teeth incur.

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