Norman Teeth Whitening Services

Young woman laying in grass smilingIt's safe, effective, efficient, and convenient - and it can make you look years younger! Teeth whitening has quickly become the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Stains from coffee, tea, and wine, foods, tobacco, age, and even tetracycline (medication) can vanish with a professional-grade teeth-whitening system.

Dr. Dowell will prescribe a convenient take-home kit that contains custom bleaching trays and potent, yet gentle whitening gel. Your treatment plan will be customized, but in most cases, patients are instructed to wear their trays for one to two hours each day or evening, and continue this routine for about two weeks. Most people notice changes after just a few days, and in two weeks, they see dramatic results. If you opt for professional teeth whitening with take-home kits, you can refresh your smile any time by simply using the trays as instructed.

Schedule your teeth-whitening consultation today to experience dental excellence for a lifetime of smiles. Our Norman dental office serves University of Oklahoma patients, as well as those from Moore, Ada, Ardmore, New Castle, Noble, and surrounding areas.

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